Saturday, 3 December 2011


...and it ended badly.  Or well, depending on your view!

I was in London anyway you see, for some Edexcel training.  So it would have been rude not to.  Plus I'd only been to the one on Conduit Street, so visiting the one in Covent Garden could only give me a sense of completion.

All in all I prefer Conduit Street as it's bigger and has more on display, but Covent Garden was lovely too - especially the staff.  She actually did a little scream of excitement when I said, 'Ahhh, go on then,' and whipped out my battered credit card.  She also showed me the inner sanctum.  Well a cupboard of special offers anyway.  I was momentarily tempted by the Sienna in tan, reduced to £50.  'It looks like something Indiana Jones would carry,' I sighed, thinking of Harrison Ford and his whip.

But my heart was already set on one thing...

Look I didn't buy both.  Well not at the same time anyway.  I bought the Deco a few weeks ago when it was half price.  I made my long suffering friend Alison go and pick it up for me.  She called the shop and got it put aside as it was the last one in stock!  I only wanted it in ivory you see.  So I was meeting Alison to collect it.  But I also had my eye on the Osterley.  I've been using an Osterley in brown for a while now and love it.  But the plum...oh the plum.  What the hell, I thought.  It's nearly Christmas.  The photo above is plum, by the way - iphone cameras aren't that great.

I also got a free pen!  I'd never thought about using a Filofax pen before - I prefer to go a bit cheaper, but I must say it's great.  Writes really smoothly, the ink is very black and the small size isn't annoying at all.  I wouldn't like to make loads of notes with it, but it's great for a diary/organiser.

I've completely moved into the Deco now.  I stuck this postcard in that I've had hanging round the house for a while.  I think it used to belong to my great Uncle and I was just taken with the retro aspect of it.  It's also taken about 10 miles from where I live in Burnham on Sea.  So the plum Osterley is waiting for its moment.  I'll probably alternate them once the Deco glow has subsided.  The brown Osterley is having a rest.  

My set up is pretty much the same from before.  I've only changed the dividers (these are from Paperchase).  I might not write on them - quite like them plain.  Definitely worth getting these - they fit the Personal really well and have a gloss finish - only cost £2.95.

I've also started using Slimline address/phone inserts as then you get the tabbed dividers but just with a line for phone numbers rather than the whole address shebang.

I also bought this from Paperchase:

I'm using it as a diary.  Now I've never kept a proper diary before.  I'm using it to record fairly bog standard stuff really - what I was wearing, reading, watching, what I did, as well as a few things stuck in.  Not really into the whole Dear Diary, today I am blue, thing.  I just thought it might be interesting as a more factual record.

I know what you're thinking - why not use a Filofax?  I wanted something with thick plain paper that I could stick stuff in.  Plus I'm not sure if I'll keep on it - so this book seemed ideal while I test it out.

I've sold a Malden in vintage pink to make room for the Deco.  I got a lovely email back from the lady I sold it to, telling me she was going to use it to keep track of her dog training.  I've also put up a Finchley and another Malden so hopefully they will sell too.  I do love the Malden - but I never really gelled with the crimson like so many others did.  I'm just keeping my grey one I've decided.  If I sell those that will take me down to 4 Personals.  Not so bad.... (and plenty of room for later expansion, cough cough).

A few other things to look forward to:



  1. Osterleys and a DECO - I am now officially jealous!!! Thankfully I will have a ruby Deco (much coveted, and now on its way) for Christmas, but feel a hankering for the plum Osterley coming on. This is just so addictive!!!

    And as you give your FF pen a good report I may try another one as I need a pen to fit in my personal Malden and the Bic 4 colour: a) it doesn't fit, b) it's not really in keeping with the class of a Malden is it?


  2. Ahh a ruby Deco! That's my second favourite colour, it looks so rich. You'll love the Deco. I still can't stop fiddling around with mine!

    I was pleasantly surprised by the Filo pen - I would never have looked twice at it if it hadn't been part of a freebie deal. Totally converted though.

    Let me know how you get on with your Deco when it arrives :)

  3. There will definitely be a post on that baby. I'm just trying to decide what I'm going to use it for... along with all my others. I think I may just have to give in and say I collect filofaxes, as I would probably get fewer strange looks in the office when I did after placing my last order and confessing that I had just ordered numbers 24-26 - oops!!! I'm beginning to think I may have a bit of a problem :o)

  4. Tesco do a classier looking four colour pen in a black barrel. Bit tight for my personal filofax but it looks good.

  5. Lovely filofaxes!
    I'm also a Buffy fan too & am sure my loved ones will say I'm obsessed :)

  6. all very gorgeous. great blog! :)

  7. @Gems33 - thanks, I'll check it out!

    @Anita - Buffy's the way forward. Maybe I should combine a Filofax and Buffy in some way?

    @luminosity6 - Thanks for your comment :)


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