Sunday, 20 May 2012

Kissing Frankenstein and Other Stories

Introducing the Flash-Fiction South-West Anthology Kissing Frankenstein and Other Stories.

Featuring a collection of teeny tiny flash fiction stories from all over the south west of the UK in celebration of Flash Fiction Day 2012.

I'm really excited to have one of my stories 'Little Bug' in here! You can buy it here as a printed book and I believe a Kindle edition will be following.

Definitely looking forward to getting this and reading through all the other flashes :)


  1. I really enjoyed LITTLE BUG -- brilliant flash, just the right amount of 'unknown'.

  2. Hey Martha - wow, thanks so much! That's amazing to hear - especially from the author of 'Ripening' and 'Almost'. I was thinking I might use 'Almost' with my creative writing students next year (if that's okay!) - just to show them how you can say so much with so little.


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