Monday, 7 January 2013

Reading List 2013

Perdido Street Station - China Mieville (urban fantasy best avoided by arachnophobes)

Macbeth - Shakespeare (a re-read for work)

Our Tragic Universe - Scarlett Thomas (enjoyed this!)

Written on the Heart - David Edgar (pretty weighty stuff: Tyndale, King James Bible, semantics, lots of men debating religion)

Waiting for Sunrise - William Boyd (literary thriller that doesn't quite cut it)

The Reader - Bernhard Schlink (found the tone/voice oddly disengaging)

The Low Road - Chris Womersley (neo noir meets Cormac McCarthy)

The Twelve - Justin Cronin (vampire saga part 2)

The Whaleboat House (literary whodunnit)

AngelFall - Susan Ee (YA novel I reviewed for The Hollywood News)

Fight Club - Chuck Palahniuk (finally got round to it. Think I've seen the film too many times as I found it a bit....boring!)

The Game - AS Byatt (too dry...yawn)

Moby Dick - Herman Meville (love this book)

The Virgin Suicides - Jeffery Eugenides (you'll like it for the rose tinted '70s nostalgia) 

Seventh Heaven - Alice Hoffman (American suburban life)

To Kill A Mockingbird - Harper Lee (hadn't read this since junior school)

The Bone Season - Samantha Shannon (reviewed for The Hollywood News)

The Shining Girls - Lauren Beukes (yeah I enjoyed this - murder and time travel)

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