Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Reading List 2015

My reading tally has been a bit measly so far this year (various boring life things getting in the way). But here goes.

Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn (quite an enjoyable read for its genre, even if you can guess the twists)

Number9dream - David Mitchell (pretty bonkers)

Wool - Hugh Howey (another dystopian story. Started off well, but lost momentum)

Veniss Underground - Jeff Vandemeer (utterly nuts, in a very good way. Loved it)

Shift - Hugh Howey (next in Wool series. Rapidly losing interest I'm afraid)

Alone in Berlin - Hans Fallada (powerful stuff. Everyone should read this)

The Gracekeepers - Kirsty Logan (whimsical and soggy fairytale)

The Sense of an Ending - Julian Barnes (I wanted to like it...)

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